Introduction :

This tutorial covers the creation of what I call a Gothic Ink illustration, a sort of hatching with wet ink or airbrush colouring similar to some graphic novels. It shows how the unique talents of the Chalkaholic Pro plugin can offer an alternative high-contrast source for the Sketcher Plugin to work on. The techniques here are very simple with lots of room for experimenting. At the end there is a visual step-by-step walkthrough.

 The Source Material :


This is where we begin, a clear and colourful car still-life. You can copy this image and paste it into your graphics application if you want to work through the tutorial.

Lights and Darks with Chalkaholic Pro :

Chalkaholic Pro can be used to derive abstract lights and darks. Using the default settings but with wide Stroke Size and no Abstraction, the car undergoes a posterized shading.

Chalkahoic Pro settings used and results


The Ink Sketching :

From this groundwork we can derive the high-contrast shading. Use the 'Pen and Ink' extra style for the Sketcher Plugin, downloaded from the Little Ink Pot website's Extra Style's page, the Sketcher Plugin produces this

Final Composition :

The final composition just adds the above sketch as a layer on top the original source photo with Soft Light blending mode. The underlying colour detail can be softened with a gaussian blur applied to the source photo. In this case a radius of 2.0 was used, for a little softness in the detail that creates the airbrush look.

The final image!

This affect can be quite striking on a range of subjects. Another illustration below shows a basketball player. Chalkaholic Pro was applied, and the results were cleaned up to remove noise from the background by smudging. Then as above, sketched and combined for a graphic novel look.

Step by Step Walkthrough :



Gaussian Blur diameter 2.0

Chalkaholic Pro


Sketcher Plugin with

Paste as layer
with Screen blending

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